Friday, 23 December 2016

Briggs Stratton 20358 Pressure Washer Review

A good pressure washer can prove to be one of the best tools in anyone’s arsenal. It saves a lot of water and it cleans things that a simple hose can’t. Briggs & Stratton have proved themselves to be one of the companies that simply know what people like about their products – regardless of what it may be. 

It’s something that we’ve really come to enjoy about them, and while they’re not particularly known for their pressure washers, it’s not a stretch for a person to assume that it’s probably a good one. The Briggs Stratton 20358 Pressure Washer gets a lot of things right, as the company thought about making an effective product that doesn’t cost too much, and that’s something that everyone wants.

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Just like most of the company’s products, power isn’t much of an issue here. While it may not be the most powerful pressure washer, as it’s intended for home use, it’s not any slouch, either. What’s impressive about this electric pressure washer is the fact that they used a 1.6 axial pump – something that’s mostly used in gas powered pressure washers. 

This only adds to the power in the 20358. While it may seem to be a strange choice, it definitely is one of the better choices that they made, as it really worked out in their favor.

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Briggs Stratton 20358 Pressure Washer Features and Specifications

Adjustable spray wand (0 to 40-degrees)

Pressurized hose reel eliminates any kinks and keeps the hose in order


RotoScrub cleaning nozzle59 lb. pres

The Reviews

Considering that people generally don’t think Briggs & Stratton when they’re considering pressure washers, reviews aren’t exactly numerous. But even still, there are a couple of people who have said things about the pressure washer that should entice some people. Mostly, these reviews were based on the efficiency. 

One commented on how “it works pretty well, it really took no time to do what I needed to. I would recommend this product.” 

Another said that, “While it’s not the strongest pressure washer out there, it still can save a person a pretty good amount of time.”

There were a few concerns about the hose connection, as there seems to be a few people who seemed to be voicing their concerns. 

One commented that, “Mine still does work great, but it seems as if the connection is getting a little worn out. It still hasn’t caused a problem yet, though.” 

Another went a bit further and said that “I had to replace the hose connection, good thing it wasn’t that much. Fortunately, it still works great and I’m still satisfied with my purchase.”

To sum it up, there doesn’t seem to be that many people who are displeased with their product, but quality is generally something that one could expect out of this company. While no product is perfect, this one still seems to have some fans, despite any inherent issues that the company may not have caught before the products started coming off the line. 

All things considered, the 20358 seems to be a good choice for a home pressure washer.

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